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In 2002, I moved from France to London to do a 6-month internship abroad to get graduated from my business school. And I loved it so much that I stayed since then. After 10 years working as a management accountant, I decided to step down in order to give more time to my family.

I always loved cooking and entertaining and in 2014, I decided to put my passion into business and started to cater from home.

I learnt almost everything about cooking from my grandma “Mamie Arlette” who was born in North Africa and moved to France in the 1960’s where she became a successful cook.

I obviously love making French, Sephardi & Mediterranean food but I also enjoy cooking dishes from all over the world and I'm always willing to try new recipes. And because I think we also eat with our eyes, I always give lots of credits to presentations.

Although I’m confident you will be able to find something that you would like to order from my menu, I am always open to new ideas so please feel free to contact me with any special requests.

Should you need a Shabbat meal, a friendly weekend dinner or a celebration party buffet, we can cater for any occasion, whether it is just for your family or for 100 guests.  

Looking forward to cooking for you

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